Horizontal Optimization

Horizontal Optimization

No matter whether you are a cooling tower owner or cooling tower contractor/OEM, you can benefit by thinking a bit differently about the supply chain that is employed in your project.  Instead of thinking in terms of a conventional supply chain, consider a supply team where each member brings knowledge, experience, expertise and products to help an end user obtain optimal value for its projects.


Implementing a team like this requires cooperation at a different level than that usually occurring in the normal project bidding process.  In the early stages of a project, cooling tower owners generally rely on codes, standards and sometimes in-house experience to specify materials for their project.  While these codes and standards help insure industrial quality materials and workmanship they do not always include the latest manufacturing techniques for materials, the owner may not be availing itself of the best available technology for the situation with its cooling tower.  And certainly, since all cooling tower projects involve some level of field construction, site conditions, logistics and other constraints need to be considered to insure a successful project. 


To make sure that the cooling tower owner gets the right product at the right time and at the right cost, an optimized team of experts  can be brought together at an early stage to discuss the owner's goals for the project and ways that those goals can be achieved.  Component manufacturers are experts regarding issues that impact the cost and quality of their products;  contractors are experts in how to install those products; application engineers are experts in how those products will perform in field conditions (not laboratory conditions) and finally,  end users are experts at how the required equipment will affect their manufacturing process and ultimately the cost of their product.  When all of these team members are brought together to communicate at an early stage in the life of a project then the probability of a successful project result is much higher than when the parties act independently.


We like to call getting such a team together as Horizontal Optimization.   To be effective, Horizontal Optimization must include the right team members with the relevant experience in all areas necessary to achieve a successful project.  At CE Shepherd, we have that experience including plastics manufacturing, cooling tower design, application engineering, construction and owner/operator experience.  And yes, as active members of the Cooling Technology Institute, we understand the codes and standards as well. 


Let us be a part of your next project.  You can take advantage of our broad cooling tower experience along with quality products, competitive pricing and superior customer service.

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