Do you manage your purchases as single transactions where you try to go for the lowest cost each and every time?  If so, you may be missing an opportunity to build a relationship with your suppliers and, in turn,  build the value that you bring to your own customers.  At CE Shepherd, we have extensive experience from both sides of the contractor/supplier relationship.  We know cooling towers inside and out and stand ready to be your partner in securing profitable projects.  


Looking at purchases as single transactions is a very short sighted approach.    Yes, you may save a small percentage on each purchase but this tactic will not pay dividends in the long run.  A different, and better approach would be to integrate with your supplier from an early stage in every project and to collaborate on how to best position your company to win the project by bringing together the resources of contractor and supplier to deliver the optimum value to the final customer.  This integration should begin when any opportunity arises.  By working together at an early stage, the supplier can optimize its offering in terms of support with application engineering, competitive pricing and delivery to help position the contractor to win the project.  With this type of cooperation, once the project is secured, the supplier is in a good position to manufacture the required materials in such a way that its costs are controlled and  deliveries are as expected.   When the supplier and contractor act seamlessly as a team, both parties win.  This type of partnership helps a supplier maintain control over the prices you pay for its products.  This in turn helps the contractor win more projects and enhance its profitability as well.


Give us a call so we can show you how partnering with CE Shepherd can enhance your cooling tower opportunities today.

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