Counterflow Design
Fill Fouling Damage

Does the fill in your cooling tower look anything like this picture? If so, the heat transfer media (fill) in your tower is not appropriate for the actual circulating water condition.

This can be a very serious problem in terms of lost plant production due to the resultant elevated cold water temperature; or, your tower may be at risk for structural catastrophe.

Any number of contaminants can lead to this condition. Let us help you identify the source of the problem and supply the proper type of fill to optimize fouling risk versus available thermal performance.

These situations will only degrade without action so don’t delay…call us today.


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CES 120 High Efficiency Film Fill
CES 190 High Efficiency Film Fill
CES VF190+ Low Fouling Film Fill
CES VE210 Low Fouling Film Fill
CES CF25 Low Fouling Film Fill
HPS20.2 High Performance Modular Splash Fill


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