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Selecting the Right Drift Eliminators

When water enters the plenum area of a cooling tower, droplets are caught in the exit air stream. Propelled at high velocity, these droplets erode rotating fan blades and drive shafts, gear boxes, mechanical supports and other stationary equipment all located in the plenum chamber. As it escapes the tower, this drift is a likely cause of damage to any neighboring equipment, parking lots, roads and the like. Excess drift also increases make-up requirements, a potentially serious problem given today's emphasis on water conservation.

Many factors are involved in selecting the right drift eliminator including operting temperature,  location in the tower, water loading and air velocity through the drift eliminator section.   We have drift eliminators for all types of towers and applications.  Give us a call today to review the operating parameters for your tower and we will make sure you get the right product for your application. 


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SDRU Plus Drift Reduction Units

SDRU 16 Drift Reduction Units

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